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66-110KV Cable Transition Joint

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66-110KV Cable transition joint  

Standard: IEC60840, GB/T11017 and other relative standards                                                         Product Model: YJJJZ insulation joint; YJJTZ straight joint                                                                 Cable specification: 240-1600mm2                                                                                                                                Usage Scale: For connection of two sections cable in direct burial, working well or tunnel, the cable metal bushing can be connected across;   Usage Temperature: -50<C- 70<C ;   Altitude: less than 1200m    Product Characteristics:  simple installation, convenient construction reliable performance                Sheath Type:  Ordinary type -- waterproof adhesive tape + protective tube + thermal contraction tube (code 0)  Waterproof type -- waterproof adhesive tape + protective tube + waterproof case + waterproof glue (code 1)



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